Tips & Suggestions

Tips and suggestions

  1. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  2. Burning Oil Fragrances are for external usage only (contact physician if swallowed).
  3. Allow Oil Burners to cool throughly before handling.
  4. Wipe up all spills from surfaces immediately!
  5. Do not allow Burning Oils to become dark and gummy.
  6. Do not burn wax tarts in glass oil dishes.
  7. Check on Oil Burners and Burning Oils periodically.
  8. Do not overfill dishes with Burning Oils.
  9. Only turn Oil Burners on HIGH with Burning Oils in them initially for about 30 minutes, (less time for plug-ins, or small Oil Burners) then reduced intensity to conserve Burning Oils!
  10. Do not place Oil Burners directly beneath ceiling fans.
  11. Wash all Burning Oils off skin immediately.
  12. Clean cooled Burning Oil dishes out with a mild detergent.
  13. To prevent breakage and potential injury, firmly grip the base portion of all wall plug-ins when pushing into sockets.
  14. Fragrance Body Butters are for external use only.
  15. Contact us with any questions if you're uncertain about usage!